• A circle is composed of 4 to 7 married couples accompanied by a priest who gather in the name of Christ and want to help one another in the pursuit of building a domestic Church in their families. They desire to know God better, love Him more, and serve Him better. They strive for holiness by creating a truly Christian, happy, and loving family.
  • Family is the basic place of formation in DC, and a circle is a basic element in its structure. It serves the families as a special “lab” of conjugal spirituality. One of the couples who belong to a circle becomes the so-called ‘animator couple’ responsible for the circle. Circles meet once a month in the homes of the couples.
  • Each circle needs the theological and spiritual help of a priest (called moderator) who becomes their advisor, spiritual counselor and mentor. His presence provides a fatherly guidance, a doctrinal help, and a real connection to the gifts of the Church. The animator couple leads the meetings and presents the materials while the priest monitors the proper course of the meeting. The priest’s role is one of presence and spiritual Fatherhood, and is therefore necessary and deeply appreciated. 
  • Summing up, a circle is a school of Christian life. Couples come to meetings in order to get to know the essence of Christianity, try to realize the ideals of Christian community life and in order to receive and provide help in pursuing sanctity on the way of conjugal spirituality.

„Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them „(Matthew 18:20).

A circle meeting takes place once a month in one of the couples’ house, and it should not last longer than three hours. Couples take turns hosting.

The aim of each monthly meeting is to get closer to God, and for the husband and wife to get closer to each other, as well as to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the couples and to support each other on their spiritual path.

The circle meeting has a formational and prayerful character and consists of three parts. 

1. Sharing of life experience

The aim of this part of the meeting is to build up the community. A meeting starts with a simple meal which has a form of agape, taking place in an atmosphere of honesty, kindness, simplicity and joy, in this way expressing fraternity within the community. Couples share briefly of the events of everyday life, joys and worries, This enhances and binds the community together and encourages mutual help.

2. Prayer

It is a moment of reflection on Scripture for all the circle participants. It is meant to help in the realization of the ideal of marital unity and of family community according to the Gospel. Couples read a Scripture passage indicated in the outline for the meeting, and then they share their reflections and any applications of the passage they see in their lives. The response to God’s Word is the prayer of the whole circle and it helps to go deeper in understanding Scripture, building spiritual unity, and experiencing the presence of Christ. This part of a meeting ends with intentions offered, and couples pray a decade of the Rosary contemplating the mystery indicated in the meeting outline.

3. Formation

The aim of this part is to sustain and deepen our faith and it is fulfilled in two stages:

1. Sharing progress in fulfilling the promises (commitments) in the atmosphere of prayer.

Each couple tries to speak about the joys and obstacles, successes and failures they have experienced in the development of spiritual life during the month since the last meeting.

2. Introduction of a new formation topic.

It is a presentation and discussion on a given topic prepared before the meeting.

One of the aims of this part is to help the couples work out a wholesome and authentic understanding of conjugal and family spirituality, and through that a more conscious attitude towards the fulfillment of the vocation of marriage.

The meeting is finished with a short prayer and a blessing of the priest – moderator.